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Claremont Airport is a fabulous general aviation airport located on the shores of the Elk River at the head of the Chesapeake Bay. We are located three miles southwest of Elkton, Maryland and the only private owned, public use airport in Cecil County.


CA Flight Training School

Claremont Airport offers an integrated program of flight and ground lessons based on an FAA approved syllabus, promoting understanding as well as achieving the skills of operating an airplane. Ground school, which accompanies specific flight lessons, may be one-on-one with the instructor.



Computer Assisted Testing Service delivers computer-based examinations involved in educational, licensing, or FAA certification testing. We administer the highest quality computer-based knowledge examinations within a quiet and conducive testing environment under strict security controls.


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I'm a student pilot and I'd really like to be able to check the airport out (i live nearby) and figure out what's offered there, etc but i have tried and tried and found no info available online. The website is always down, etc

Short Final – runway 31, 58M Washington Sectional Chart, Unicom 122.8 MHz, Reil’s, PAPI Runway 13/31, Airport Beacon, MIRL, PCL 123.0 MHz – 5 Clicks, GPS/RNAV 13/31, VOR/DME 31

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